I bought Total Recorder last night to…

record OLN’s Tour de France streamed commentary.

If it works it will mean I don’t have to stay up until 2am to listen to the whole race. When you have to wake at 6am for work – this is a good thing!

Total Recorder is available from:


I bought the super cheap Standard Edition for about $12USD (~$20AUD).

I tried to record Stage 5 but it appears to have dropped out (just after I went to bed of course). It’s not Total Recorders fault, rather, OLN’s stream was near death just before I ‘retired’ so it probably keeled over totally when I was in Nodsville. I’ll try it again tonight and relive stage 5 through Cyclingnews

This sounds like my kind of race!

Calling all Tour de Donut riders…

“Just wondering if there were any of you going to the Tour de Donut race this coming Saturday July 10th in Staunton Illinois. It will be my first time to ride it but believe it will be great fun. If they run the same 30 mile route as in the past years you ride about 13 miles then stop and eat as many glazed donuts as you can, then ride 9 miles and stop and chow down again then ride the final 8 miles back to town. For each donut eaten they deduct 5 minutes off your total time. They have mens and womens classes and a mens over 50 class and had about 525 riders last year I was told. Hope to see some of you there. I’ll be on the old orange & yellow Schwinn Continental, probably near the end of the pack (or along the side of the road getting sick!).”

– Mark Bentley

“Mmm donuts..”

– Homer Simpson

Captain Soggy apologises for the wet t-shirt competition..

Pulled some tricky moves tonight, squeezing through nice gaps in traffic, all the while laughing at silly cars..

One dopey idiot, driving with a mobile stuck to his ear, takes 5 minutes (actual time: 5 seconds) to make a right turn and then proceeds to drive 20kph below the speed limit. Slowing cars down is one thing but slowing bikes down! Screw this! I pass him (laughing) and then watch as another car passes me somehow catching some rubbish underneath their car which causes a shower of sparks over the tram tracks (and more laughing from me).

Raining now.. hard.. I’m soaked through again, my white t-shirt now transparent, my white body scarring drivers for life.

No brake pads left front or back – emergency stop not an option. Make it home soggy, safe and happy.

Time: 1:05 (pretty good!)

1/2 Bunch Ride 3… solo

6am – Wake (just) and decide getting the bike ready and riding to Doncaster in under an hour ain’t gonna happen, even with my Superman-like abilities .

9am – Wake (for real this time)

9.50am – Leave, after printing Dutchy’s directions.

10am – Return home, after forgetting Dutchy’s directions.

10.20am – Waved down by PYT (pretty young thing). Supply her with directions to Ringwood and continue on my merry way knowing my good deed for the day is done.

Turn onto Mitcham Rd, spotting Old Warrandyte Road (map reference and possible bunch meeting place?) on the way.

Ride along Doncaster Road reaching High St.. hmm.. where was Manningham Road?

Ride all the way back along Doncaster Rd. (with obligatory high speed ‘Bland Rover’ pass thrown in) and manage to miss Manningham Road again.. maybe I’m looking for the wrong street?

“Shortly after turn east into Tindals Road” didn’t quite work out for me. I’m sure this road isn’t signposted on Springvale Rd. so I went straight passed it. At the end of Springy Road,

after that evil short/sharp hill, I did a U-turn and turned left up the continuation of Old Warrandyte Road. “Tindals Road.” was on a letterbox up here so I guess I’m blind or the road is marked strangely?

The scenery was great out here even though I spent more time looking at the bitumen, gasping for air, than appreciating it!

The roads are nicer than up in the ‘nongs with lots of sealed shoulder to give ‘bail room’ when that P-Plater wants to ‘take you from behind’.

I got as far as “Take next major left which is STILL called Eltham-YarraGlen Road” when I lost the ride’s scent. I’d been huffing and puffing for 3hrs and was dreading the thought of the hilly return, so I decided to turn around and head back over the river before I ran out of juice. It turns out that the return was HEAPS faster than the climb out so I was on the

Ringwood-Warrandyte Road in no time – fun!

Dutch: Are you sure the road isn’t “Wattle Glen Road” rather than Eltham-YarraGlen Road? After the round-a-bout, there was a left turn to Hurstbridge but I’m sure it didn’t have the same name (Wattle Glen Road?).. I continued passed it for a while and gave up at the “Alma Road” bus stop before I saw anything that resembled a “major left”.

With the second sunny Sunday in a row – it was a really good ride – my winter tan is coming on nicely! The rolling hills here are much more fun than a pure climb like I’d do in the ‘nongs and challenging in a different way due to the power on/power off style riding.

I know it was still reasonably hard because I was out of the saddle a fair bit and for a heavy guy like me, that rarely happens! This could also be a lack of fitness or a singlespeed hangup?

I’ll have to try extra hard to make it to the next bunch ride so I can do the rest of it.

Ride Stats:

4hr 5min

No other stats due to *&%*&^ing Polar speed sensor not working