Mountain bike riders heading for a Dirty Weekend in the Adelaide Hills

Five riders from the Coomealla-Mildura Mountainless Bike Club will travel to the Adelaide Hills to compete in the Kona Dirty Weekend 24hr MTB race at Cuddlee Creek on the 8/9th May.

Once the starters gun is fired at 2pm on Saturday 8th, riders have until 2pm Sunday to complete as many laps of the rough and hilly ten kilometre track as they can. Most laps wins. Riders can compete in either solo class or in relay teams of 2,3,4 or 6, with riders staying on their bikes all through the night, battling physical and mental fatigue. With 150m of altitude gain – and descent – every 10km lap, fatigue is guaranteed.

Paul Cocks, Leon Pedersen, Jason Dawes and Phil Sullivan are competing in the extremely competitive four man relay team category for the first time. The demanding ride/rest/ride/rest/ride cycle takes it’s toll on team riders, especially when they are trying to drag their resting bodies out of a warm sleeping bag to start a lap in the wee hours of the night. The guys are confident in their preparation and looking forward to a fun event.

Anthony Connell is lining up in the solo class for his third attempt at a solo 24hr race. And while he?ll be happy to just make through the night to the finish line on Sunday, the competition will be hot – the first 50% of Dirty Weekend solo finishers win the right to line up with the worlds best at the 2010 24hr Solo World Championship in Canberra this October.

?The idea of qualifying for the Solo 24hr World Championships is enticing and I?ve trained harder because of it, but so has everyone else, so if I all I do is finish with me and my bike mainly in-tact, I?ll be stoked,? said Anthony.

The five riders will have some great stories to share about their 24hr experience with other riders and spectators at the Coomealla Mildura Mountainless Bike Club?s race the following weekend on the hilly Kerribee course ? 20 minutes drive from Mildura towards Euston – on Sunday 16 May.

Coomealla Mildura Mountainless Bike Club Website:

Kona Dirty Weekend website:

Have a great ride Anthony!

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Coomie Club 3 Hour Enduro

Coomie Club 3 Hour Enduro – Online Entries Now Open!

Coomealla-Mildura Mountainless Bike Club proudly presents The Coomie Club 3 Hour Enduro, Dareton, NSW (20 mins from Mildura), Sunday 21 September 2008. Situated next to the mighty Murray the course is 90% singletrack, fast and flowing. We put the “less” in Mountainless. Excellent warm up for the Mont and Scott. Great family friendly event. Accommodation and amenities close to course. Stay tuned for all the details and on-line entry details!!!!!

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Coomealla-Mildura Mountainless Bike Club

Supportin’ the homeland..

23rd September, Mildura. Click below for the race details. $1000 prize money up for grabs!

Sunday Sept 23 is the date for the clubs first enduro race, and with a generous donation from the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club there’s $1000 cash up for grabs!

The race will be held at the C-M Mountainless Bike Clubs home track, situated behind the Coomealla golf course on a beautiful bend of the Murray River. – birthday bash enduro

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Anthony may be silly?

This is what happens when you stay in Mildura too long (well, other than getting girls pregnant and drinking yourself into beergutville).

You go mental.

Anthony has entered a 24hr MTB enduro… solo… something that was a good idea in my own head for all of 10 seconds. Something I contemplated when I was fit. Something to dream about when I was motivated to punish myself during a race. Err.. well at least he has the motivation bit! The first step is the hardest.. now he just has to haul his butt out of the van and onto the trails.. lots! Dude, good luck! The offer for the Avanti (or bits of it) still stands.

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SSWC 2007

Single Speed Bicycle

Single Speed Worlds set for 2007

The Singlespeed world championships race and gathering will happen on September 1-2 in Aviemore, Scotland. Last year’s worlds were in Stockholm, Sweden, in mid-August. Sveinung Bj?rk?y (Norway) and Tiffany Allmandinger (USA) won the men’s and women’s divisions.

Aviemore is about a three hour drive from Edinburg and Glasglow airports and one hour from the Inverness airport. According to the organizers’ website, you can also get there by railway, Sustrans cycle routes, and ancient hill paths.

For more information, visit


There’s also the Single Speed UK Championships taking place during 8th-10th of June at Ashton Court Estate, Bristol. It’s running alongside the Bristol Bike Fest. Sign up for mailing list updates here

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The JMC Story

Jason McRoy

The short, but eventful, life of Jason McRoy ended tragically on August 24 1995, when his Harley Davison motorbike was in collision with a lorry at Woodhead Pass on the A628 in Derbyshire. Jason was more than a son to me, he was my best mate, he was my hero. When he died, a part of me died with him; but a part of Jason lives on in me, and is his inspirational life that has given me the strength to carry on.

This is Jason’s story:

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